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          IYD is a China-based children’s indoor playground brand affiliated to Nanjing Paradise Inflatable MFG. Co., Ltd (hereafter referred to as NJ Paradise), offering one-stop service from product design and development, to manufacturing and marketing.
          Within a decade of devotion, NJ Paradise manages to bring great comfort and joy to kids around the world. Materials we use remain user-friendly and environmentally friendly for children’s health and safety. Our equipment is designed to enhance concentration, creativity, interpersonal interaction and problem solving skills. 
          In response to the call by MOE of PRC, loads of effort has been done to develop products featuring physical interaction and parent-child relationship building. Innovative upgrades are regularly performed through substantial inter-company workshops and cooperation.
          Over the years, NJ Paradise has strived to build trust with our clients through remarkable product quality and original design. We maintain close cooperation with both old and new business partners. Hopefully, a little effort on our side helps conjure up a wonderland in kids’ childhood.
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